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Sitting some 16 miles northward of Lexington, KY, the small community of Georgetown is home to some 32,000 folks. It’s a classic American small town appeal location, with two grocery stores (one with a drive-through window for added convenience), a few basic department stores for durables, and a couple of chain restaurants for the passing-through traffic. In addition, there are home-grown favorites such as Fava’s and Galvin’s, local feed with plenty of celebrations on the weekends. For any big shopping, Lexington is only 20 or 25 minutes away by car, close enough for a quick trip but far enough away to avoid all the congestion and traffic that comes with bigger regions and communities. That includes all the big box store brand names from hardware to bulk grocery shopping and furniture.

The downtown center combines most of the typical administrative offices one would need in a community. Everything from the Sheriff’s office to the local DMV desk and several small businesses serve everyone daily and on the weekends. And when it’s not business hours, the downtown path serves as the de facto community parade and festival center when the calendar calls for it.

The local educational system includes one central high school, three middle schools, and eight elementary schools. These operate under the purview of Scott County and provide the infrastructure for the local public school system. For higher education, Georgetown College calls the town home as well, being a religion-affiliated private university established in 1829. John Leland Baptist College is also located in town. And just south on the 75 in Lexington, one can also find the University of Kentucky, the Bluegrass Community & Technical College, and American National University.

The big employers in Georgetown are Toyota and Scott County School system. There is never a shortage of vehicle drivers for the school system, so if you have your truck driver’s license, you practically can pick up a job with a day or two of arrival. The community is also served by a full-service, sizable hospital system, including all the standard medical experts on staff from pediatricians to eye doctors to internal medicine. Many local patients argue that the care they receive is as good as or even better than what they received in large cities or bigger communities with supposedly more resources.

For folks who want a quiet, family-oriented tight community, Georgetown is that kind of place. Neighborhoods are intersected by state route 460 running west-east and Interstate 75 running north-south. The location gets a high rating for being a desirable neighborhood by both owners and prospective buyers. Made up of 12 different neighborhood sectors, Georgetown real estate generally runs from $100,000 to $220,000 with about 20 percent of homes in the upper range of $200,000 to $300,000. Local economics are about one-third white-collar income levels and two thirds blue-collar and retirees. Medium household income is higher than the national average at approximately $61,500, with one-third of residents working in manufacturing.

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