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A famous town name in Bluegrass country, Paris, Kentucky is home to rolling green ranches, horse-raising, bourbon, Americana history, and beautiful colonial architecture. It’s also home to almost 10,000 residents who live, raise families, work businesses and enjoy the area as their piece of the country year-in and year-out.

Early History

The original community that later became Paris, KY, was first established in 1775, a year before the Revolutionary War began. About 14 years later, the community was formally chartered as Hopewell, Virginia. The state of Kentucky, as we know it today, was still evolving with moving borders and the creation of various county jurisdictions. Only a year later, however, the local assembly debated a petition to rename the community Paris. A few years later, Kentucky, as a state of the Union, was formally admitted in 1792, and Paris was officially renamed 17 years later in 1815. Since then, the small community has sat at the crossroads of state routes 68 and 460, providing a bedroom community east of much larger Georgetown, KY to the west, and Lexington to the southwest.

Demographics and Population

Today, Paris is home to just over 9,800 persons in 2019. The community has an average age of 38 and earns a median household income of just under $36,000. However, the average household income is much higher, statistically measured at approximately $50,550 annually.

The residential picture for the community includes a total of 4,450 housing units, with about 2,330 units owner-occupied and 1,657 or so as rented. The median home value is just over $143,000, and family households make up just over 2,500 units of the total.

In terms of health centers, Paris is served by the Bourbon Community Hospital, which includes emergency services, as well as a Bourbon County Dialysis center and the Bourbon Heights Nursing Home, specifically.

Economy and Labor

Overall, Paris is home to 4,500 working people employed in the town’s jurisdiction. Healthcare facilities and government offices make up the largest share of employers, and manufacturing or retail jobs come in second. That said, the areas paying the best are in real estate and related property management, transportation logistics, and utilities. The most common employment is in office roles or admin support. Food and production also hire a couple hundred regular neighbors as well.


To get in and out of the township, the main conduits are State Routes 68 and 460. State Route 27 also shoots up to the north, reaching Cynthiana in a few minutes. Most residents in Paris drive, typically 8 out of 10 persons. A bit over 12 percent carpool regularly, and about 2.5 percent work from home.


Because of the proximity to Lexington just to the southwest by about 19 miles, residents can access the University of Kentucky as well as Eastern Kentucky University and Kentucky State University. Additionally, at least three different community colleges are within a 50-mile distance from Paris. At the community level, Bourbon County High School is the central upper-grade institution, and Paris itself has two middle schools and four primary grade schools.

Getting Local With an Expert

If you’re thinking about relocating to Lexington or the nearby area, Paris could very well be a great choice for a raising a family and being close, but far enough away from the bigger city to enjoy the Bluegrass country feel of Kentucky. The experts at Sage Enterprises can easily help you find the right spot for what you’re looking for in terms of a new home, whether for you or for your whole family. Give us a call today or a text to find out more.

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