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Sitting in a very central part of Kentucky, the City of Versailles boasts a very comfortable small spot in old America with close proximity to Lexington and Georgetown. Originally established on June 23, 1792, the first town of Versailles was originally a private property tract owned by a minor. The guardian of that child named the town when it was created, Major Marquis Calmes, after a close military friend of his, General Lafayette of the U.S. Revolutionary War fame. The community has been well part of the historical bluegrass horse-raising region for decades, and it was a flip-flopped strategic position during the Civil War for both the Union and Confederate forces at different times.


Today, Versailles has just over 10,000 in population as of mid-2019. That total figure is made up of 9,900 persons living in known households as well as almost 8,100 being part of families. The average resident’s age is approximately 37 years. The average family size totals 3, and the population has been slowly increasing at an annual rate of 1 percent. The median household income for the town is approximately $57,500. The town incorporates 4,438 housing units, of which 2,421 are owned, and 1,639 are rented. The remainder are in a state of vacancy (378 units). The median home value is appraised at just over $200,000.


In terms of placement and proximity, as mentioned earlier, Lexington is just to the east of Versailles, representing the largest, closest urban center within driving distance. The town is dissected by state routes 60 and 62, running east-northwest and east-west, respectively. Versailles also has a number of smaller towns situated around it in a general circle, all within a few minute’s drive. These include Keene, Salvisa, Frankfort, Wilmore, and Fayette. About one-fifth of Versailles population regularly commute for work outside of the town, and about 1,600 persons are employed within the town’s jurisdiction.

Labor and Economy

In terms of career and occupations, Versailles residents generally lean towards positions in public administration, agriculture, education, construction, and food service, making up over 36 percent of the workforce. The remaining two-thirds are spread across dozens and dozens of smaller segments of labor sectors of which health care makes up the largest at 5 percent.

Critical Services

Versailles is serviced by two major hospitals, Bluegrass Community Hospital and Woodford Memorial Hospital. Within range, Versailles also has one kidney support clinic with Davita-Versailles Dialysis.


In terms of primary school, Versailles has three public schools and at least three private schools, both offering education for grades PK through 5th grade. Versailles high school students attend Woodford County High School and Woodford County Middle School as they matriculate out of grade school levels. Education is augmented by the Woodford County Library with over 4,000 audio materials, 55,230 books, and access to 48 online databases as well as other resources.

For higher education, Versailles is within driving distance to the Kentucky Community College system as well as six major 4-year colleges or universities. Among these are the University of Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky University.

Getting Connected

If you’ve relocated for work or school to the Lexington area, and you’re looking for a small-town community within close distance to Lexington or similar, contact Sage Enterprises for a look at Versailles, KY. You will likely be very impressed with what the town offers today, as well as the potential for a new home location in your new chapter.

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