Sage Enterprises Inc. Property Management

Owning a property and renting it out to a tenant can be challenging. Finding tenants and handling the paperwork is only the first step of renting out an apartment, condo or house. It can be difficult to handle collection of rent and the emergency situations that arise in the middle of the night, but with the help of our professional, Central Kentucky property management services, it is possible to avoid the hassles that come with renting out your property.

As a property owner, you have several decisions to make in relation to your goals and plans. Renting out a property can mean that you are handling background checks, credit checks and all of the contract paperwork. Furthermore, you may find it bothersome to have your tenants contact you for every problem that arises. By working with Sage Real Estate Alliance, you can focus on expanding your real estate portfolio, acquiring new properties or simply enjoying personal hobbies and interests while your real estate investments build equity for your retirement.
As a tenant, the process of finding a new place to live can seem like a daunting and stressful task. Between finding a property that fits the needs of you and your family and boxing all of your household items and getting everything moved, we know that the stress takes its toll. Working with Sage Real Estate Alliance can help to make the process simple by communicating with you, ensuring that your needs are met, and verifying that your home is ready to go when you are ready to move. Our systems make it simple for you to pay your rent, request maintenance services, or even buy a house if you wish to do so.
Sage Real Estate Alliance fights for all parties to ensure that their needs are met and that their expectations are exceeded so give us a call to find out about the SAGE Experience!