Let Sage Enterprises Inc partner with you on your real estate portfolio and I guarantee that you will not be sorry!

From sales to management to maintenance, we are able to provide the services you need to meet your goals!

Sage Real Estate professionals are trained and proficient in the art of real estate investing and project management. We search for properties that meet the parameters you request and provide the support you need to ensure that the property is managed, improved and maintained.  As a full service real estate services firm, we provide professional sales support, maintenance support, and full-service asset management.

Interested in an exchange?  We work with expert 3rd party professionals that specifically handle exchanges so call us today and we will work hard to provide you the services you need to meet and exceed your investment goals and to maximize profitability of your investments!

The Sage Team has provided custom links as a part of our Investor Support Services (ISS) initiative below.  The first properties displayed are the commercial properties currently available (five or more units, industrial, office, etc).  The second set of properties are multi-unit residential properties that consist of 2-5 units.  You can search for your next investment property or you can reach out to us and we will assist you with your search.



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What Our Customers Say

“It is much better to have my leased property handled by PMI. They collect the rent and put it in the bank for me. Handle any problems that may arise. Made life less stressful for me. That’s worth much more than the little bit they charge. I have been with them almost two years, no complaints. This is from a guy who does not hand out compliments easily. They are worth it.”

Patrick R.

“This is such an Amazing company, and the owners are very responsive and take your needs and concerns very seriously. Their rental properties are top notch and maintained. I Would definitely recommend these guys to anyone in the Lexington area.”

Emberli L.

“Wonderful people to deal with! Clean and well maintained rental properties in Lexington KY. These guys are trustworthy and professionals. Go here for you rental and real-estate needs!”

Austin M.

“Wonderful people to deal with! Clean and well maintained rental properties in Lexington KY. These guys are trustworthy and professionals. Go here for you rental and real-estate needs!”

Shawn K.

“I’ve gotten to know Mike personally and professionally and can vouch for his expertise in the property management field. Mike will help anyone looking to rent property the right place for the best price possibly and hold their hands throughout the process. If you’re an owner of real estate and want to rent property, Mike will take the hassle off your hands and manage your property (take care of rents, maintenance issues….) for a very reasonable fee. If / when I ever need a service like Mike’s, there is no question who I will call. I know and trust Mike and personally recommend him to anyone needing property management services.”

Sean S.

“PMI is an excellent property management company. Since going with PMI, our rental property has been trouble free. Any issues or concerns are promptly handled. During the recent cold weather, PMI handled repairs of exterior damage and a water leak caused by the heavy snow quickly and the job was very cost effective.”

Richard B.

“PMI does property management the way it should be done. We’ve used three different property management companies since we put our house up for rent in 2010, and our experiences were disappointing, to say the least. With other companies we had issues with communication, disbursements, violations of tenant privacy…you name it. We worried we’d never find a company that could do everything right. We’d just have to find one that did the least wrong and settle. Then we found PMI. Wow. Communication, financials, friendliness, professionalism…PMI nails it all. They stand head and shoulders above the competition, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Do yourself a favor, and contact PMI today.”

Toby M.

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Sage Enterprises Inc Real Estate Alliance provides real estate sales, management, maintenance, and consulting.

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